Mini Gingerbread House Cutter (Mug hanger)

Mini Gingerbread House Cutter (Mug hanger)

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A beautiful mini house biscuit cutter. The perfect size to create the cutest mini houses. The set includes 3 tin plate cutters - side, roof and front/back. There are several ways to use the mini houses once finished. Have them as hanging for the Christmas tree, favours for the dinner table, advent treats, sitting on the edge of your mug or just because they are freakin adorable and the recipient will totally appreciate this. They are designed with cutting biscuit dough in mind, however they could be used to cut a more permanent dough, such as salt or modelling material. Assembly instructions are included. The cutter has been designed by and is exclusive to Rubylou's Treat Company (shape copy-write registered)

Made from tin plate, can be hand washed but must be kept dry after use

You will also receive a recipe card for the gingerbread we make here at Rubylou's Treat Co


cutter size - 35mm x 40mm - 30mm x 30mm - 35mm x 40mm. Finished house approx 50mm x 50mm x 50mm

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