Vegan Treats Delivered


As our range of treats developed we were seeing more and more demand coming directly from our existing customer base, for the availability of vegan treats. Often vegan baking is classed as being bad tasting and bland, so we set out to put this right. We love a challenge, so we set out to develop a range of vegan treats which taste just as good as our original range.

Our hard work and passion paid off and we have a fabulous range. Now ALLLLLL our customers can indulge in our treats together.  Our vegan treats are available to order by post or purchase at the events we attend. 

Our vegan treat range currently includes:

- Our famous cookie dough
- Decadent cookie sandwiches
- The original RubyLou's cookies, in a range of tempting flavours, and also available to purchase as a whole jar full!!
- Our extra special stuffed cookies.

We have, as with all of our products, tried and tested the vegan goodies listed above to ensure they meet our super high taste test standards. When we have done blind taste tests and people can't even tell them apart from our usual treats. 

If you are not vegan, we challenge you to try one and will be amazed if you can tell there is any difference. The feedback we have had is fabulous and we are delighted to be able to offer these delicious treats to everyone. 

If you would like to try our vegan treats for yourself, you can access our vegan shop through the button below.