The Process

So much love, attention and care goes into everything we create. When a new concept or idea comes into our head it goes through a rigorous process of testing and sampling. We know, its a tough job. 

We love to push the boundaries with our creations and our kitchen often feels like our laboratory of delicious experiments. Creating wow factor treats is our thing. Even something as simple as a cookie has to have the wow factor for us. Whether that be with flavour, topping or the packaging that it comes wrapped in, or a combination of all three. Its always a combination of all three when you buy treats from RubyLou’s.

Take our cookie sandwiches for example. Not only do they look good on the outside, they look amazing on the inside too. With lashings of pretty icing, a surprise centre and drizzled chocolate all presented perfectly before being sandwiched by another cookie. If you haven't tasted one, make sure you do. Our customers have made statements including ‘the best cookies you will ever eat’. 

Would you like to try RubyLou’s treats? Order before midnight on Tuesday to make sure you get yours in time for the weekend.