The Perfect Gift To Say I Love You

Valentine's day is just around the corner and it's got us talking in the studio. We think its hard to find a good Valentine's day gift, that isn't just a token gesture or cringy cliche. 

Most people opt for chocolates. Which is great, obviously! Who doesn't like chocolate? But maybe something a little more unique this year would win you some real brownie points. 

Cookie gifts for valentines day

Let us help you out! As you may know by now, we have a range of awesome cookies, magical cookie creations and tempting treats to set your gift apart. Whats more, we have a fabulous vegan range too and they can all be delivered directly to your door. The only finger you need to lift to make all this happen is just to click the checkout button on your chosen treat gift. 

Let us help you out a little further. Choose from:

Since launching RubyLou's Treat Company we have been praised time and time again for our delicious treats through the post. Not because of their outstanding deliciousness (ok, that too), but for their ability to provide a fabulous gift, that will be well received, for the ever so difficult to buy for men in your life! Any of the treats above really do make the perfect gifts for men, and if you want to show them that you really love them, sign up for a cookie subscription. The gift that really does keep on giving.

valentines day food gifts

There is just one big problem. Don't forget about yourself! Can you imagine delicious RubyLou's treats landing through your door on Valentine's day... but they are not for you. Get those hints in NOW!! Because let's get real, no one is ever going to share treats like this. No matter how much you love each other.