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Here at RubyLou’s we have been trying (and most definitely tasting!) lots of new recipes to ensure we are offering our customers delicious treats throughout the year.

As Christmas is just around the corner we have been feeling pretty festive and we know this is the time of year when most families love to bake together. So, with that in mind, we have launched our cookie mix and gingerbread mix. 

These are the same delicious recipe that our treats are made from, only you get the enjoyment of mixing them up and popping them in the oven too. 

Gingerbread Mix

gingerbread recipe for houses

Our new Gingerbread Mix, is exactly what it says! All you need to do is add egg and butter to the ingredients supplied to create the most amazing gingerbread dough. Ready to be rolled out into your chosen shape. 

Our RubyLou’s Gingerbread Mix is the perfect solution for those that love delicious treats but perhaps do not have the time to start from scratch or to save on buying full jars and bags of certain ingredients. 

gingerbread house mix
Gingerbread recipe.jpg

As well as the dry ingredients and golden syrup, the mixture comes alongside a recipe card showing the ingredients and method – perfect for first-time bakers too! 

The mix makes around 15+ biscuits and if you are in a group of people, realistically they will last around 10 minutes! 

Super tasty and super fast.

mini gingerbread house cutter


Don't forget your mini gingerbread house cutter too!

Cookie Mix

Gooey Cookie mix


Our long-awaited cookie mix is here. This is something we have been asked for from the very beginning of setting up RubyLou's.

The mix provides all the dry ingredients needed to make the most yummy, chewy, chocolate chip cookies. All you need to add is 1 egg and 125g of butter to complete the recipe to the simple instructions, which are all provided.

For all the budding bakers that don't have a stocked cupboard, this is the perfect gift. All you need is a bowl. There is no need to weigh anything either {half a packet of butter and 1 medium egg are all that need to be added}

Soft Cookie recipe
cookie baking mix

The mixture will make 28 regular sized cookies and the instructions are so simple we think this is a suitable baking activity for ages 3 years up to 103 years!

Gift Sets Available!

You can buy both the cookie mix and gingerbread mix in one of our fabulously festive gift sets.

Who said baking gifts can't be stylish?

cookie gift set

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Happy Baking!