The Cookie Slab

Cookie Slab celebration cake alternatives

Say hello to the cookie slab. Its one of our favourite creations. A full batch of cookies in one beautiful slab. There is the equivalent of 28 cookies in each slab, but we wont judge if you cut it into bigger pieces! 

With our cookie slabs you can choose from 13 different flavours. Each flavour has the chosen ingredients running throughout the cookie itself as well as lashings of the same ingredients and drizzled chocolate adorning the top of the cookie slab. 

Our cookie slabs can also be made into a bespoke creation too. We recently made a special Percy Pig cookie slab for a Peppa Pig themed party. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about our bespoke orders. 

Our cookie slab flavours include the following, but also look out for our seasonal specials throughout the year. 

  • Milk chocolate chip
  • Triple chocolate
  • Double chocolate orange
  • Double choc cherry
  • Oreo cookie
  • White choc raspberry
  • White choc cranberry
  • White choc pistachio
  • Milk choc hazelnut
  • Toffee and peanut
  • Toffee and pecan
  • Milk choc and raisin
  • Unicorn sprinkles