Surprise Treat Boxes

When people are choosing our delicious treats to be delivered we always get told the same thing, "we just didn't know what to choose" or "it was so difficult to make a decision". 

We know that we don't make it easy for you. With our constantly expanding range of treats including cookies, cookie dough, cake pots, cookie slabs, cookie cups and much more, where do you begin!? Not to mention the extensive range of flavour combinations too! We often annoy ourselves with too much tempting choice. 

cookies in the post
treats in the post

Well, we are here to tell you that help is at hand! Something we have had on the menu for a long time (which is often overlooked when you are in the midst of drooling over your options) is the Surprise Box. This treat box, which is still delivered straight to your door, through the post will be a complete surprise, even if you are the person placing the order. We will fill it with six portions of  delicious goodies from our treat menu and each box will contain a variety of options hand baked and selected by us. 

cake pots in the post

The Surprise Box is the perfect way to solve those difficult choice issues, as well as getting the opportunity to try a range of our delicious treats. 

If you are new to RubyLou's Treat Company the Surprise Treat Box is a great way to try a range of our treats and cookie creations all at once and decide which are your favourites. 

surprise cookie box in the post
cookie delivery

Our surprise treat boxes contain exactly the same delicious treats that are listed on our menu, all with great quality ingredients, and the beautiful packaging means that they also make a perfect gift for someone special.

Order your surprise treat box today and prepare to get excited when the post man arrives!