Our Packaging

We are super proud of our delicious treat range, which has recently expanded. Our aim when you order our delicious bakes is that you get excited to receive these treats directly to your door. Or perhaps enjoy the fact that someone else will be getting a lovely box of treats that you have gifted to them. 

With our treats we like to ensure that every part of the process is special for you, from placing your order to receiving your treats through the post, it all matters to us. 

A big part of this special experience is the packaging. We think this really makes a difference to how we feel about a purchase; it certainly does for us anyway! So, the packaging we wrap your cookies and treats in has always been a big consideration when creating the RubyLou’s Treat Company concept. 

Our packaging firstly has to be durable. It has precious cargo on board when full of our delicious cookies, cookie sandwiches, cookie dough, cake pots and lots, lots more. We have rigorously tested the strength of the packaging to make sure your gifts and orders arrive safely. 

Secondly, we wanted to ensure that the packaging was part of the whole experience for our customers. Whether you know whats in it or not, we love the idea that you will get excited by breaking through the RubyLou’s sticker seal, opening the box lid, folding back the tissue paper and finding your individually wrapped treat portions. We hope that's not just us! 

The third element to our packaging is the fun factor. You will find some quotes printed on the boxes themselves, as well as our branding stickers. Our favourite has to be ‘Be prepared to stuff your face’. We think that sums up the RubyLou’s culture, as we are all about the treats! 

We hope you enjoy both the letter box treats and the packaging as much as we do!