Meet The Cake Pots

cake pots in the post, letter box treats, cake in the post, cake delivered

We are delighted that cake pots have joined our online shop and are now available to be delivered to your door with our whole range of other delicious treats. 

Cake pots are one of our high demand products, for many reasons. We have had cake pots available at the food fairs and events that we attend for a while now, and they are always a sell-out product.

We always have a great range of flavours available, which is one of the reasons that our customers love these so much. This includes our famous peach and prosecco flavour and a brand new Jammie Dodger creation. Another reason these cake jars are so popular is that they are often purchased as a reminder of cake flavours chosen for weddings passed. We get lots of anniversary orders for these cake jars as tokens of remembrance of a very special day.

We have the following cake pot flavours available on our online shop, but if you have a request for a bespoke flavour, please get in touch and we will see what we can do.