Introducing THE DOUGH!

It Has Arrived!

Ok, so the rumours are true. We now have cookie dough joining the collection. 

We have been asked so many times to create this cookie alternative and we always like to make our customers happy. Edible cookie dough is a tricky thing to create. For many reasons its not safe to eat the raw batter that we would use to make up our normal cookies. Instead, a different recipe is required to ensure it is safe to eat, but still super yummy! 

We have spent hours making and testing our recipe until we reached the product that you see today. Cookie dough perfection. 

Leaving it at that is never enough for us though. We always like RubyLou’s treats to come with the wow factor. So each pot of cookie dough that you buy from RubyLou’s will also have its own flavour toppings. You can choose from Oreo, salted caramel, unicorn, Jammie Dodger and peanut butter.

Each pot has a generous portion of the dough inside, topped with the delicious flavour toppings of your choice. 

We launched this yummy new product at the Handmade Fair a few weeks ago and we were amazed at the response to it. In fact, we sold out! It is now available to order online and we think it will make a great gift for fathers day.