Introducing S'mores Stuffed Cookies


Have you tried our letterbox cookies and cookie sandwiches and are now looking to take the sweet treats up a gear? We have good news! Our RubyLou’s S’mores Stuffed Cookies are the next level in cookie treats. 

Each beautiful package can be delivered to your door, offering you six innocently delicious
chewy cookies packed with chocolate chips… and a surprise. Each S’more Stuffed Cookie is a milk chocolate digestive, topped with marshmallow stuffed inside a 50% bigger original chocolate chip cookie. We have to warn you; these cookies are so moreish you will struggle to only have one at a time!


They are simply delicious whether you eat them at room temperature or warm, by warming
them it allows the marshmallow to slightly stretch even further, plus a little ice cream on the side never hurt anyone.

Whether you are deciding to order them for yourself, a friend or family member or a
colleague, we are sure that nobody will be able to resist the sweet temptation and more
importantly, the recipient will definitely appreciate such a thoughtful, delicious gift!

We advise that you, consume the tasty treats within three days of delivery to
ensure ultimate freshness. Admittedly, we struggle to not eat them in the first day of being

Don’t forget that all of our gorgeous treats are lovingly packaged as a gift and you have the
option of adding a little personalised notecard to let the recipient know why you gifted them if you plan to surprise someone. All treats are posted directly through your post-box, meaning you can simply add your favourites to your basket and within a click of a button you can put your feet up and wait excitedly for the post.