Meet our Flavour Menu

Ruby lous cookie stand, fabulous places spring market

We recently launched RubyLou’s Treat Company at the Fabulous Places Spring Market. We baked for days, stocked our stand and waited in anticipation for peoples reactions and opinions to what we had created. 

It. Was. Awesome!

We have been in this game for a while now, the game of creating delicious cakes, bakes and treats. The game of surprising people with new ideas for designs, concepts and flavours where culinary delights are concerned. So we have seen it all, or so we though. You guys just love cookies! Your reaction blew us away and it makes us happy that a little thing like the humble cookie can make your day as much as it does ours. Ok, ok, our cookies are not humble, shy or modest in the slightest, but you know what we mean. 

Seeing your reaction to our flavour concepts was amazing and the winners of the day had to be the Oreo and Unicorn flavour cookies. Boy, did you love those Unicorn cookies! We definitely have some believers amongst us. 

For those of you that couldn't make the launch, we wanted to introduce you to the full flavour guide. Please be warned, the following guide comes with a high temptation warning!

Milk chocolate chip - The RubyLou’s take on the traditional cookie flavour.

Milk chocolate chip cookie gifts
chocolate chip cookies

Triple chocolate - Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. A chocoholics dream. 

triple chocolate cookies gifts
chocolate cookie gifts

Double chocolate orange - Dark and milk chocolate with zesty orange.

chocolate orange cookies
chocolate orange cookie gift

Double chocolate cherry - Dark and milk chocolate with an abundance of cherries.

Cherry and chocolate cookies
cookie gift ideas, foodie gift ideas

Oreo cookie - Our unique cookie dough mixed with crushed Oreo. Total heaven.

oreo cookies by post
gift ideas for men, cookie gifts

White chocolate cranberry - White chocolate chips and cranberry pieces.

cookies in the post
White chocolate and cranberry cookies

White chocolate pistachio - White chocolate chips and crushed pistachio pieces. 

white chocolate and pistachio cookies, gift ideas for men
cookies in the post

Milk chocolate hazelnut - Milk chocolate chips and crushed hazelnut pieces.

hazelnut cookies, mail order cookies
hazelnut and milk chocolate cookies

Toffee and peanut - Tasty pieces of toffee with crushed peanuts.

peanut and chocolate cookies
peanut and toffee cookies

Toffee and pecan - Tasty pieces of toffee with crushed pecans.

toffee and pecan cookies
pecan and toffee cookies, cookie gifts

Milk chocolate and raisin - Milk chocolate chips with juicy raisins. 

chocolate chip

Unicorn sprinkles - Milk chocolate chips and lots of sprinkles. 

unicorn cookie gift
unicorn cookie

Specials - An awesome array of seasonal specials. Like our delicious Easter cookie slab. 

easter seasonal cookies