Five Months of RubyLou's

cake pots delivered in the post

We launched RubyLou’s Treat Company almost five months ago! We can't believe where that time has gone. Since then we have had so many new followers on social media, so we thought it was time for a recap on what RubyLou’s Treat Company is all about. 

As part of the Yummy Little Cakes Family, RubyLou’s Treat Company is THE place for delicious, indulgent treats. It all started with cookies, although not cookies as you know them. Each one of our cookies is lovingly made to our very special recipe. We also have a whole host of cookie variations including an entire batch of cookies baked into a cookie slab and cookies in dough form with our cookie dough pots. 

Our treat cohort has now grown and you can find some the range of treats below. These are available to buy both in the shop and at the events we attend. Check out our online treat shop here to see the full range.

When you order treats from RubyLou’s Treat Company you will receive them on a Friday, when placed before midnight on the Tuesday beforehand. Most of our packages will fit through your letterbox so they are the perfect gift to surprise someone with. Imagine heading to the door to pick up the post and finding a box full of yummy cookies there! 

Whether the RubyLou’s Treat Company treats are for you, or for a gift, we have something for everyone. With each treat we offer having their own flavour variation, the list is endless. 

Our treats are carefully wrapped and packaged to ensure they arrive to you in perfect condition. They are also sent via next day delivery to ensure their freshly baked goodness remains intact. Our packaging isn't just secure though, it is beautiful too. Each of your treats is individually wrapped for freshness and sealed with a RubyLou’s Treat Company sticker. They are then boxed and wrapped with tissue paper before being enclosed, sealed and posted. This is one of the reasons they make such a wonderful gift idea. 

Throughout the past five months, we have seen some lovely reasons for why people have decided to send our treats as gifts. Some of our favourites are:

  • Super Hero Treat Jars for grooms men or page boy gifts
  • Cookie Sandwiches sent to offices as a mini birthday cake alternative
  • Cookie slabs sent as birthday cake alternatives for people who are not cake fans
  • Cookie cups ordered as a dessert option to take to a dinner party
  • Surprise boxes sent as thank you gifts. 

We always enjoy being a part of your gifting process and helping to share the love!