The Cookie Cup

Cookie treats in the post

Our cookie cups are a very special take on a cookie. Deceptively innocent looking on the outside, they actually contain a surprise middle. If you can't wait to eat them warm and find out whats inside, don't worry, they taste great just as they are. If you can wait, you will be in for a real treat as eating them warm is THE BEST way to enjoy this amazing cookie treat. 

You can choose from the following flavour combinations:

- Milk chocolate with Nutella centres

 - Milk chocolate with Rolo centre

 - Double chocolate with Reeses and peanut butter centre

 - Milk chocolate and Smore (marshmallow and Hersheys) centre

I know, we don't make life easy for you at RubyLou's Treat Company. How on earth do you choose between those awesome flavour combinations!? Well, you can always opt for a selection of all at the checkout and try one of each flavour. See, we are kind too!

As well as warming your treats we also recommend a big scoop of ice cream on top! We are not fussy on which flavour ice cream, just make sure you add it!

Our cookie cups make a very indulgent treat but work very well as a dessert too. We very often have customers buying them for a quick and easy, but super yummy dinner party pudding. 

Want to know the best part? We will deliver them in the post straight to your door, just in time for the weekend! It doesn't get much better than that, does it!?