Collect Your Tokens

Cookies in the post

In every order from RubyLou’s, amongst your delicious cookies or treats you will find a very special little token. Save these tokens up and once you have collected the required amount you can redeem them for more yummy treats as a little bonus and a little thank you for being a loyal customer. 

The big story behind these tokens is my personal love as a child for collecting the tokens on cereal boxes to send them off and redeem a prize. I would wish the box of cereal away just to get to cut it open and claim my token. I would keep them in a safe place until I had enough to redeem the prize and then pop them in an envelope, send them through the post and wait in anticipation for my prize to arrive. 

The nostalgia of it all makes me very happy and I’m sure I can’t be the only one. Unfortunately, with the increased developments in technology we have lost the excitement of sending and receiving things through the post. The most postal excitement we get these days is through online shopping deliveries! 

This nostalgic postal experience is part of the drive behind setting up RubyLou’s Treat Company. The ability to send gift treats through the post as a surprise for people is something that makes us happy and we love playing a little part in the happiness it brings others. 

We think our tokens add an extra element to this. Not only are you able to redeem your treat which will be sent through the post, but we ask for you to send your tokens back to us in the post too. 

You can find out more about our tokens and redeeming them here. Enjoy!