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So there it is, we are live! After months (ok, years) in the planning we are delighted to finally bring RubyLou’s treat company to you. 

It has been a dream of ours, after much demand from our cake clients at Yummy Little Cakes, to bring you our usual delicious creations in treat size portions for the every day ‘just because’ occasion. 

We have started RubyLou’s Treat Co with a range of cookie creations, oh yes, not just your regular cookies (we have those too, in our own style of course), but a huge range of flavours, designs, styles and concepts that will blow your mind. Lets elaborate;

We have thirteen delicious flavours of cookies to choose from including Unicorn and Oreo! Not to mention seasonal specials. You can order a box full of your favourites or, if you like a surprise as much as we do, let us choose a selection for you.

triple chocolate cookies
Oreo flavour cookies
Unicorn cookies, cookie delivery uk

Love cookies but want something a little different? Meet our stuffed cookie range. Warm these up slightly for a oozy, melting middle. Choose from Milk chocolate with a Nutella centre, Milk chocolate with Biscoff (caramel) centre or Double chocolate with a peanut butter centre. Can’t choose? Why not have all 3, we won’t judge. 

stuffed cookies, cookie gifts
peanut butter cookies, cookie presents, cookie gifts

Next up is our cookie slab. A full batch of cookie dough baked into one whole slab and decorated with an array of yummy toppings. You can choose your cookie slab in any of our thirteen flavours. Its a cookie lovers dream and a great celebration cake alternative. 

oreo cookie slab, celebration cake alternative

Cookie Cups. Meet our full on dessert style cookie. Made with our chewy chocolate chip cookie dough, stuffed with an indulgent filling and baked just like a cupcake. Perfect when warmed and served with ice cream – yum yum.

cookie cups, cookie dessert
cookie cups, cookie style dessert

We haven't done yet. Just imagine, gooey chocolate fudge brownie, swirled with your choice of filling, layered with heaps more of that chosen filling and finally topped with chewy chocolate chip cookies – Sounds amazing, right? This is your first introduction to our cookie cobbler

cookie cobbler, brownie and cookie

Last, but no where near least is our cookie sandwich. Imagine two chewy cookies, filled with indulgent frosting, a centre stuffed with a tasty treat and drizzled with some serious sauce (or sometimes chocolate) – voila a cookie sandwich. An indulgent treat or with a candle on top, a mini celebration gesture. Office birthdays just got that little bit better!

cookie sandwich, mini birthday treats
Cookie sandwich making
cookie sandwich, office birthday cake ideas

If you have managed to last until the end of this post without jumping over to our shop page to order we salute you! But, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU WAITING FOR?